Blockchain Based Timestamps

Timestamp processes in blockchain - they live forever
Blockchain is more transparent, democratic and fraud-free
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About deTamga

deTamga is a blockchain based timestamping system that lives in the blockchain for ever. Unlike classical databases:

  • There is no central authority. It is decentralize, everybody is the owner.
  • Nobody can change data or processing date in database. It is transparent.
  • Nobody owns your data. You have complete authority over what you share.

deTamga is a blockchain based timestamping system. It is suitable for the digital process where the time and date of the process should be secured and nobody should change it. It is suitable to be used in the scientific journals for storing date of submission, acceptance, rejection or publish online.

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deTamga has different standards

There are different standards that decide the quality of the journals based on transparency, democracy and blockchain based smart contracts.

  • 01 Standard 1: Processing dates

    This is the basic standard that only keep the date of a process. It is also a type of Logbook that stores named processes with timestamps (date of submission, acceptance, rejection etc.) in the blockchain using smart contracts.

  • In addition to the timestamps of the process, this standard also store the reviewing process, names and affiliations of the reviewers, date of review submission etc.

  • This standard includes the uploading of review reports to the blockchain in addition to what is there in Standard 1 & 2. This increases the transparencly of the reviewing process of a quality journal.


Journals using different blockchain based deTamga Standards

deTamga aims to reach most of the journals, books, events around the world and encourage them to adopt the deTamga standards.

Standard 1 100%
Standard 2 90%
Standard 3 75%
Willing to adopt 55%


deTamga is based on SciMatic Hybrid Blockchain and works with SCI coin. We offer services related to blockchain, SCI coin sale, smart contracts for timestamps and other blockchain based data storage applications.

Smart Contracts

Smart contracts written in Solidity for timestamps or other processes

DAPPs and Web3.0

Decentralized apps to connect smart contract to web3.0 based projects


Timestamping solutions for your business based on blockchain


Integrate your journals, books and events with blockchain

Submit Journal

If you are interested to join deTamga initiative, submit your journal to info[@] We will analyze it and draw a roadmap for your journal.


deTamga has a hardworking team who are expert in smart contract writing, blockchain programming, and much more.

Dr. Said Nadeem

CEO and Developer

Information Systems Engineer, Creator and designer of SciMatic Hybrid Blockchain

Suna Savran

Project Manager

Managing projects, funding applications, finding investors, preparing marketing materials

Hamza Çakmak

deTamga Developer

Master of Information Systems Administration, Writing smart contracts, dapps, web3.0

Büşra Tırkaz

Fullstack Developer

Computer Engineer, writing smart contracts, code front- and backend, web3.0 and dapps

Muhammet Ali

Junior Developer

Computer Programmer, writing smart contracts, dapps and mobile applications


Submission of timestamps to the blockchain have no extra costs. There is only a neglegible cost of around 0.001 SCI coin per transation. There are no monthly fee or annual subscriptions. However, there are costs for our services like blockchain integration of your digital asset, connect smart contract to your decentralization applicaiton or writing a smart contract itself and uploading to the SciMatic Hybrid Blockchain. Adding each data to blockchain is called a Transaction

Blockchain Transaction Fee

0.001SCIper transaction

  • No montly fee
  • No annual fee
  • No secret charges
  • Free SCI Coin
  • Integration, web3.0 and dapp
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Web3.0 based DAPP

$499-999one time

  • Depend on Length of DAPP
  • Writing Smart Contract
  • Uploading to Blockchain of Choice
  • Front-end integration
  • 100 SCI Coin for free
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On-Demand Timestamp DAPP

$499one time

  • Writing Smart Contract
  • Coding Front-end
  • Uploading to Blockchain of Choice
  • Web3.0 integration
  • 100 SCI Coin for free
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Writing Smart Contracts

$199one time

  • Smart Contract for Any Purpose
  • Uploading to Blockchain of Choice
  • Provide Contract Number and ABI
  • Front Integration
  • 10 SCI Coin for free
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Your Own Token

$99one time

  • Smart Contract for SRC20 Token
  • Uploading Token to Blockchain
  • Number of Tokens As Desired
  • Choose Suitable Name and Symbol
  • Tokenize Business with Own Token
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Frequently Asked Questions

If your question is not listed below, write us at info[@] with detailed query.

  • What is deTamga in short and what does it do?

    In digital bookkeeping and logging, data is being stored in structured or non-structerd databases with timestamps. Data stays in a centralized place. An authorized person can change the data or timestamp anytime. So this is not transparent. deTamga stores the timestamp or any desired data in blockchain. The data stays in decentralized node computers. The data is contineously synced with each others. If a person change the data in one computer, others will not accept it and write back the correct data. In short, deTamga stores timestamps of digital processes that is transparent, democratic and fraud-free.

  • deTamga is suitable for storing scientific data with time stamps. For example in case of scientific journals, date of submission, acceptance, rejection or publish online can be stored in the blockchain. deTamga can be also used to protect an idea where intellectual property rights (copyrights or patent) are required. So, if your ditigal asset need to store a timestamp that should be immutable, deTamga is for you.

  • It is very easy. There are two options to integrate deTamga with a journal. As an example, the date of submission can be submitted to the blockchain by integrating it to the "Submit" button. When an author submit an article, the submission to the blockchain will be triggered while submitting to the server of the journal. Another option is to keep the Blockchain timestamp optional. The author can click a separate button "Submit to Blockchain" after the submission of an article.

  • Data transactions to blockchain works with a cryptowallet. You must install MetaMask add-ons to your browser (preferably Google Chrome). In blockchain, processing any data is a Transaction. So while transaction, deTamga will ask your permission to make the transaction through MetaMask; that must have some SCI coins in it.

  • Yes. You can use the SCI coins in any of the SciMatic product i.e. Gereksiz Gazete - Firstever Blockchain Based Blogging SystemDecentralied Certification System etc.


deTamga is a product of SciMatic Inc. located in the Technocity of the main campus of Aydın Adnan Menderes University, Efeler, Aydın Turkey. Visit us on the spot or contact us ditigally.


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